Williams Family


Williams Coat of Arms - Welsh Variations


From genealogyweb.com:

Williams motto: "Cywir in Gwlad", which means "righteous country," "correct land", "true to the land", or "true to my country"

From Family-Crests.com:

Williams Motto: Hoeg fy mwyall  -  "apply my axe to the hogs" ??? "dig with an axe"???

bwyall = axe, fy = my, hoeg = hog or hoe???





Williams Coat of Arms - Irish Variations


From genealogyweb.com:

Williams motto: "Nec temere nec timide" Meaning: "Neither rashly nor timidly"

It is associated with the Mutlow Rowe Williams family tree.






Williams Coat of Arms - Unknown Variations


From the Williams Family Web Ring:

Williams motto: "duw a ddarpar ir brain!"  Translates to "God is he who prepares for the crow," or "God feeds the ravens."   Duw = God; darpar = prepare or provision; and bran = crow or raven.